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Cancel your timeshare contract, if you qualify. We are well aware of all the scam artists and companies that are approaching millions of families who often ask for large up-front fees with no results or guarantees, and we understand why you may be skeptical. With all of the deceit, false promises and lies that permeate the industry, you have a right to be.

Below, we hope to anticipate some of your questions and provide answers to them, while dispelling the potentially bad taste you have in your mouth by helping you feel safe, familiar and comfortable with what we can do to you.

Absolutely! We have 100% success in helping timeshare owners from all over the country get out of their purchase agreements and avoid having to pay costly maintenance fees and taxes. We may even be able to get some of your money back depending on the situation. Simply put, we’ve never met anyone we haven’t been able to help, as long as they qualify, and we stand behind our success with a no-risk, money back guarantee.
Simply put, what we do works and we do it with care! We have a tried-and-true process administered by our referral law firms which has proven itself time and time again with outstanding results. Unlike timeshare resale and traditional title transfer companies, who – like their timeshare developer counterparts – have only created more distrust and skepticism in the industry with false promises, expensive up-front fees with little or no guarantees, we’ve built our reputation by truly helping timeshare owners successfully alleviate the burden of vacation ownership by using our consultation team and referral law firms and represent you in the negotiation process with your developer.

But, we don’t stop there. Once the burden has been lifted, many former timeshare owners still want to continue to travel to the same resorts and destinations they’ve come to love. They just don’t like the “rules” or can no longer afford the financial responsibilities that go with it. Our Premier Resort Destination program allows you to continue to enjoy the same resort destinations at the same timeshare condos year- after-year without maintenance feel or long-term commitments.

We are well aware of all the scam artists and companies that are approaching millions of families who often ask for large up-front fees with no results or guarantees. Unlike them, our reputation is built on two things: the success we’ve had helping our clients get out of their timeshare and more than 60 years of combined experience of our founders, Dean and Ray Spigner, both seasoned timeshare insiders and former Vice Presidents of Sales for Fairfield/Wyndham Resorts, who know all about the tricks, gimmicks and fraudulent claims made to make a sale. Above all, we put everything in writing, offer a money back guarantee and have an A+ business rating – all of which are unheard of in the timeshare industry.

But the best way to get to know us and feel comfortable with what we can do for you is to visit us at either of our locations in Tennessee and Georgia for a free consultation or we can come visit you.

We put our money where our mouth is. Our promise to you is based solely on our experience in helping our clients and the successes we’ve had. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we’ve never met anyone we haven’t been able to get out of their contract, if they have met the qualifications.

How do I qualify?

Contact us for help.

Our founders, Dean and Ray Spigner, have a combined total of 60+ years in the timeshare industry. Having served in every timeshare sales position imaginable, from salesman to Senior Vice President of Sales they saw and experienced first-hand the high-pressure and predatory sales tactics being used and the fraudulent and deceptive claims that were being made. Aware of the negative effects they were having on owners and unable to change timeshare developer’s business practices from the inside-out, they decided join forces and dedicate the remainder of their careers to undoing the wrong, providing relief for timeshare industry and to ultimately bring out positive change in the industry. So, the father-and-son team founded VacationTransfer and Premier Resort Destinations with the mission of freeing owners from the financial stress and unnecessary obligations timeshare brings and providing a no-strings-attached alternative to families looking for a better way to vacation. Since then, they have helped numerous clients of which virtually all have reinvested into Premier Resorts.
Unlike tradition timeshare title transfer companies, which require you to be current on all of your payments or in a timeshare resale agreement in which you’d still owe the money, with us it doesn’t matter. This might sound surprising, but we can start the process at anytime whether you’re current behind in your loan, maintenance fees / taxes and/or club membership dues or not. Truth is, if you’re going to let us help you, you can stop paying any time. The sooner the better for you (and your wallet) really. We will have a referral law firm negotiate any balance you might owe to alleviate the burden for you.
We have found that many timeshare owners actually love the resorts they stay in and the destinations they visit. It’s just the financial obligations and restrictions that stand in the way. So to help former timeshare owners find a better way to vacation long after we’ve gotten them out, we formed Premier Resort Destinations. It’s modeled after the most successful travel/vacation product ever created – and probably the one that got you into your timeshare in the first place – the “try it before you buy it” travel club. Only Premier Resort Destinations does not come with any strings attached. No sales pitch when you arrive. No maintenance fees. No long term commitment. No financial obligations that get passed down to your family. It’s the most flexible vacation product in the world that offers a lifetime of vacations at the same resorts in the same destinations at only a fraction of the cost of a timeshare, without any fees.  With only a one-time payment and modest reservation fee each time you travel, we will provide you access to resorts and destinations you are familiar with and introduce you to new ones if you choose. You can stay a week at a time or choose to come back year after year. You can transfer it and share it with family and friends. You can walk away no strings attached and be able to rejoin later without having to “buy back in.”
Our referral law firms handle everything from start to finish. No hassle. No red tape. However, you can be as involved at any step of the process as you would like understanding that like other legal negotiations there isn’t always something exciting to share. We’ll keep you up-to-date and in loop on how things are going though. Always.

Have a question?

Give us a call. We’ll always answer. Or should we be busy helping another client, we promise to call you back. Let us work for you!

Our referral law firms take care of everything. Once you retain our services, our referral law firm will notify the developer with whom you purchased from.
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