Our Success



With more than 20 years of experience in the timeshare industry, we’ve experienced first-hand the complications and burdens that vacation ownership can put on families and, to put it simply, we know there is a better way to vacation! What we offer is a simple, easy and effective way to get out of your timeshare and a new way to look at and experience family vacations the way they should be.

We have tremendous success in helping timeshare owners from all over the country get out of their purchase agreements and avoid having to pay costly maintenance fee. In many cases we can even get some of your many back! We’ve built our reputation by truly helping timeshare owners successfully alleviate the burden of vacation ownership by attaining the finest legal representation to negotiate with your developer. It is based on this success that we offer you a risk-free, money back guarantee.

But, we don’t stop there! Once the burden has been lifted, many former timeshare owners still want to continue to travel to the same resorts and destinations they’ve come to love. They just don’t like the “rules” or can no longer afford the financial responsibilities that go with it. Our Premier Resort Destination program allows you to continue to enjoy the same resort destinations at the same timeshare condos year- after-year without maintenance fee or long-term commitments.

Who is Vacation Transfer?

Vacation Transfer Unlimited seeks to preserve family vacations and is dedicated to helping families maximize their vacation experience by educating them about the alternatives to vacation ownership.
Vacation Transfer Unlimited recognizes that while owning a timeshare assists some families in realizing the potential of the vacation experience not all timeshare owners are truly satisfied with the product.  In an attempt to alleviate the financial burden associated with vacation ownership, many timeshare owners are not aware of all the options that are available to them and believe that re-selling their timeshare or transferring the title is the only way to reduce potential difficulties associated with their purchase. As a result, the timeshare industry is dominated by re-sale companies, which not only erode the value proposition of vacation ownership and fall short in recouping potential equity, but create even more distrust and skepticism in the industry with false promises. So, to better assist existing timeshare owners get out of their obligations by being the change the industry needs, Vacation Transfer Unlimited offers a legal, effective and productive alternative to helping owners mitigate their vacation ownership purchase by minimizing their loss and creating new, less binding alternatives to family vacations.
We are a family of former timesharers that believe vacations play an essential role in creating shared experiences and should create a lifetime of fond memories for families. But to be bright, vacations also need to be burden free, flexible and affordable. That’s why we’re here. We provide support and assistance to families looking for a better way to vacation by freeing them from financial stress, undoing unnecessary obligations and sharing the endless possibilities that are available to them so they can turn their vacation dreams into reality.